In the News!

In October, I participated in Indie Authors Day in Brooklyn at the Public Library. It was a great experience. I met some fantastic writers, shared experiences as writers, heard great writing and publishing advice, sold some books, and had an overall wonderful day. 

The chronicled the day, took some photos, and included a photo of me reading an excerpt from SWING SETS in an article. I didn't know that there was an article until yesterday when one of the authors, Richie Narvaez, who also participated in Indie Authors Day, sent me a tweet about it. This is my first mention in the press as a writer. I'm very excited about it! This is just the beginning.

Here's the article:

Adriana Erin Rivera at Indie Author Day 2017

Adriana Erin Rivera at Indie Author Day 2017

Indie Authors Day 2017 in Brooklyn!

I am so excited to announce that I will be participating in Indie Authors Day at the Williamsburg, Brooklyn branch of the New York Public Library on Saturday, October 14, 2017. I'll be selling and signing copies of my debut novel SWING SETS as well as reading an excerpt from my new work in progress novel I'M A HOT MESS... FOREVER. Super exclusive!

This is a free event running from 10am-4pm. I'll have more details about the actual timing of events for the day soon. 

If you like reading, love reading, read sometimes, only read Facebook posts or just want to spend a Saturday afternoon at the library with some cool authors from various genres, stop by Indie Authors Day. It will be fun!

Address: 240 Division Avenue, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY 11211

Hope to see you there!!

SWING SETS is Now a Kindle Ebook and MORE!

You heard right. SWING SETS is now available as a Kindle ebook!! In addition to the paperback edition, my debut novel is joining the digital age. The book is available for purchase in both forms on Amazon.

It is also available in paperback form through Barnes & Noble's website.

SWING SETS now has its own Facebook Page for your 'LIKE'-ing pleasure! I'll share lots of updates about the book on there, so I urge you to 'LIKE' the page and become part of the conversation. Here's the URL: 

Some more great news: SWING SETS is on It's another way to support the book with reviews, recommendations, etc. It's literally a literary social media network. So if you happen to be on GoodReads, add SWING SETS to your favorite books and help spread the word. I'm on GoodReads as an author as well, so feel free to check that out. 

More good news to come! Spread the word and Stay Tuned!!



First Book Review!

The Catamaran Literary Reader, a literary magazine based in California, wrote a review of "Swing Sets" and I could not be more thrilled! They wrote a glowing review that really captures the essence of the book. I am so thankful for their kind words and I am glad the book is translating well to readers.

Read the review for yourself:

The Latest on "Swing Sets"

Here's the latest on all things "Swing Sets":

  • My debut novel is up on GoodReads! Now you can check out the book and become a fan of me and "Swing Sets." 
  • In addition to being sold on Amazon, you can also get your copy of "Swing Sets" on Barnes & Noble online
  • My book signing event is still happening on Saturday, October 25th from 5-8pm at Symposia Bookstore (510 Washington Street, Hoboken, NJ). I'll be signing copies of "Swing Sets" at the event as well as reading an excerpt from the book. 

The best support you can offer is when you actually go and buy "Swing Sets." Please order your copies of the book via the links above and don't forget to become a fan of the book if you're on GoodReads. And I hope to see some new and familiar faces at the book signing.

Book Launch!

I am happy to announce that I will be having a book launch party for my debut novel, Swing Sets! It's going to be a reading and signing event to celebrate the release (finally) of my first novel. Copies of the book will be available at the event. Here are the details:

Saturday, October 25th

5-8 pm

Symposia Bookstore

510 Washington Street

Hoboken, NJ 07030


Pretty Pages!

The other day, I got the first proof for my novel! I got the email in the morning and I knew I couldn't check what it looked like until the evening so there was serious excitement, anticipation and high expectations throughout the day. I am so happy about how it turned out. The pages are so pretty! Countdown to the on sale date, you guys. It's really happening and the goal is to release the book on sometime near the middle of September. Look out for it! 

The Progress of Proof to Print

My final manuscript has been submitted to Create Space for interior formatting. You know, getting the words to look pretty on the page. In two weeks I should have the first proof to then approve and then, with the finalized cover art, an actual bound book will be born. The cover art is going to look awesome. I wish I could share a snippet of it now, but you'll have to wait until it's finished. The aim is to have it all done and on sale on by mid-September. Hopefully, I can reach the goal! I can't wait for everyone to read it! Watch out for more updates coming very soon!

Finally, A New Song!

You guys! Finally, I wrote a new song that I am proud of! It's called "Just Break Free" and it's on the Music page on this website for your listening pleasure. It's dedicated to and inspired by someone dear to me who could use some words of encouragement. These are the words I could offer. Check it out and let me know what you think! Enjoy!

New Blog Post

I wrote a brand new blog post on WordPress! It's about the people who inspire me in my creative ventures. While you check out my blog, catch up on what's going on with my book by reading my other posts. Here's the link: 

I Have A New Blog!

I started a new blog to discuss the step-by-step process of getting my book published. It's on WordPress. I invite you all to check out my new blog and if you are a member of the WordPress network, please connect with me. 

Here's the link:  

So far I have posts about finishing final edits, collaborating on cover art, and the challenges of hiring a publicist. 

I will still write updates on what's going on with the book and post the link to purchase it when it is published. 

Going Back To Art Class (Sort Of)

I just started working with an amazing illustrator to help me bring the major images in "Swing Sets" to life for the book cover art. The creative ideas are flowing and I'm finding a lot of really great inspiration. I have good feelings about this! I feel like I'm taking a trip back in time to art class or something, cutting out pictures and figuring out how we can translate the essence of the book on the cover. Expect lots of color!

Great News!

I got great feedback on my manuscript from a trusted, professional writer! That means some more edits on the book, getting cover art created, and publishing the final product to share with everyone. I am so proud of this project and I can't wait for readers to enjoy the finished book. I'll keep updating with new developments. 

First Draft: Complete!

I finished the first draft of my first novel this week! This is a huge milestone for me. Writing this story has been such a thrill for me and I can't wait until I can share it with everyone. I hope you'll all fall in love with the characters I've created as they have been living in my brain for so long. We are one step closer until the finished novel is available for you all to read,  but I'm counting on you guys to be patient and supportive as you have been thus far. Yay!!!